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What the heck is the MLS? (Multiple Listing Service)


The MLS or Multiple Listing Service.  What the heck is it and why is it so important?  This questions may run through your mind from time to time if you are in the process of buying or selling a home.  I am here to tell you that the MLS is a important part of your home buying and selling process and it has grown to be an major force in online real estate searching and big advertising dollars.

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How can Tru Tour Realty save me money?


Think that you lose service when cutting commissions?  Think again.  Tru Tour Realty actually offers more services and professional tools to help you sell. More than any other firm in fact.  Tru Tour is based on a streamlined business model, keeping our costs down and being able to save you money. The one way we do this… Read More ›